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Terms & Conditions

Soy* Hospitality: General conditions concerning projects, payroll and contracting


Please note that these general conditions are translated from the original copy in Dutch. Any typing mistakes or points lost in translation are not valid. The original conditions as described in the Dutch copy are deposited at the court in Curaçao.




Article 1. Definitions

Employee:                          A person employed by Soy* Hospitality.

Soy* Hospitality:                The contracting office of Soy* Hospitality

Principle:                            Every person or legal entity requests execution of a project and/or assignment by Soy* Hospitality.

Project:                                 To organize, accompany, execute and advise of events, parties, 

congresses, openings, banqueting, receptions and other related activities.

Assignment                          Making available of personnel on the basis of payroll and or     

        secondment of staff

Project leader:                     An employee of Soy* Hospitality whom has been appointed and         

        acts as a contact person during the execution of a project.

Order request form:           A form handed out by Soy* Hospitality to the principle. On this     

        form the date, location, duration, and the number of employees   

        can be filled in by the principle for each project.

Timesheet:                           A form handed out by Soy* Hospitality tot the principle. On this 

        form the principle can fill in the hours worked by the

                                             employees during the specific project.

Exclusivity                            On the basis of payroll and or contracting, Soy* Hospitality will 

        include the personnel in a separate file so that these employees

                                               cannot be placed with other clients, therefore exclusivity.


Article 2. Relevance and binding of these general conditions

    These general conditions are applicable to all relevant offers, contracts and agreements between Soy* Hospitality and the principle.

    All offers, irrespective of in which form these are presented, are non-binding.

    A principle with whom Soy* Hospitality has done prior business with is considered to have acknowledged the relevance and suitability of these general terms and conditions for all future business and agreements between Soy* Hospitality and the principle.

    Soy* Hospitality is not bound to the general conditions of the principle in case and to the extent that they vary from the general conditions of Soy* Hospitality.  

    In case of annulment of any or partial clause of these general conditions, the remaining clauses will remain binding. In this case parties will enter in consultation to convert the annulled clause or part thereof into an accepted clause, where as much as possible the original aim and signification of said clause will be taken into account. 




Article 3. Realization and contents of the project agreement

    Based on an offer or agreement, Soy* Hospitality will fill in the relation registration form, in which is captioned the full details of principle, payment term, hourly rate and payment conditions. This form is completed and signed by a legal representative of the principle and emailed to Soy Hospitality. The original should follow by post.

    The project and or assignment agreement will come about after the principle has placed project with Soy* Hospitality and Soy* Hospitality has confirmed same in writing. Order are to be placed by means of the

    In case the exact duration of a project is not clear at the time of realization of the project agreement, Soy* Hospitality is not bound to the offered price estimate. The price estimate is always an indication.


Article 4. Realization and content of an agreement for Payroll and or secondment of staff

    Soy* Hospitality issues an agreement based on an issued offer in which amongst others is captioned the full details of employee (s), payment terms, hourly rate or salary of the employee (s) and payment conditions. A customer relation form is to be completed and signed by a legal representative of the principle and emailed to Soy Hospitality. The original should follow by post.

    It is the responsibility of the principle to ensure work for the employee for at least the minimum agreed number of hours which are captioned in the agreement. Soy* Hospitality cannot be held liable, nor can be expected that alternative work will be provided.


Article 5. Price and duration of a project

    The principle should complete the project order request form and make this available to Soy* Hospitality.

    The exact timing of commencement of a project is the be agreed between Principle and Soy* Hospitality.  The duration of a project and the possibility to request more employees than originally requested and confirmed, will be further agreed between Principle and Soy* Hospitality, whereas Soy* Hospitality can be represented by a Soy* Hospitality project leader

    In case a project exceeds the agreed duration or the original quantity of requested employees, the agreed project price will be proportionally adjusted accordingly.

    For a project within Willemstad, a minimum of 4 hours will be charged to the principle, even though the project is of a shorter duration.

    For projects outside of Willemstad, a minimum of 6 hours will be charged to the principle, even though the project is of a shorter duration.

    In case of assignments for payroll and/or secondment of staff, Soy* Hospitality will enter a labor agreement with nominated candidates for the Principle on the basis of payroll and/or secondment of staff. All terms and conditions which are agreed with the Principle for each employee will be taken into account in the labor agreement with the employee and same will be processed into the applicable tariff. Should the Principle wish to terminate the agreement, a termination period of one calendar month will apply, and Principle commits to hire the employees subject to this agreement at the end of the resignation period of one month.

    The agreed hourly tariff for projects as well as the agreed tariff for Payroll and Secondment of staff is valid for regular working days and is subject to local labor law.

    Soy* Hospitality retains the right to increase its tariffs for project employees, payroll and/or secondment personnel at least once a year. Increases of tariffs will always be advised in writing to the Principle.


Article 6. Cancellation of a project agreement

    Should the Principle fully or partially cancel a project agreement, the Principle due to Soy* Hospitality a reimbursement fee for the actual costs made by Soy* Hospitality. This reimbursement fee will be calculated on the following flat rate basis.

                      cancellation of a project advised 120 hours prior to the project: 10% of the total 

                project price

                      cancellation of a project between 48 and 120 hours prior to the project: 30% of the

                total project price

                      cancellation of a project 48 hours or less prior to a project: 60% of the total project


                      undiminished is the commitment of the principle, in case the actual cost are

                higher, to settle the higher costs.

    The principle should file all cancellations in writing. To determine the timing of cancellation, the timing of receipt of the notification of cancellation by Soy* Hospitality will be applicable.


Article 7.  Process of invoicing

    All Soy* Hospitality invoices are created based on the timesheets signed by the principle or its representative.

    After the Principle has signed the timesheet for confirmation, no alternations will be possible.

    The Principle is obligated to immediately, yet no later than 24 hours after the project, and in case of payroll or secondment of staff, no later than the 18th of each month, email the timesheet to Soy* Hospitality.

    In case of differences between the timesheet emailed by the Principle and the copy retained by the Principle, the emailed copy will be considered the correct timesheet.

    In case the Principle does not or not fully comply with the clauses determined in 7.2 to 7.4, Soy* Hospitality will retain the right to base the invoice on known facts and circumstances of the project. These facts and circumstances will be then determined on basis of information received by a project leader and or employees of Soy* Hospitality.


Article 7 a.   Payment through bank transfer

A: In principle all invoices of Soy* Hospitality are paid trough bank transfer taking into account the predetermined payment terms as mentioned on the customer sheet. For deviations to this, please refer to article 8b.

B:  In case invoices are not settled, or settled later then agreed, Soy* Hospitality will retain the right to charge the lawful interest over open invoices as described in article 6:119a of the Dutch Civil Code or a 10% increase for late payment.

C:  In case Soy* Hospitality is not able to collect full payment on invoices in relation to services rendered, legal steps will be taken for collection.

D:  In case of a large project, or a project in which the value is set on at least Nafl. 2000,-,- excl. OB, Soy* Hospitality is entitled to an advance payment of at least 50% of the estimate value, before commencement of the project.

E:  Only payment to Soy* Hospitality as set out in clause A of this article will clear the Principle. It is not allowed to directly pay or provide advance payments to employees and this will therefore not provide the Principle with grounds for deductions in payment or settlement as partial payment.

F:  Judicial costs are due by the Principle incase and as soon as principle is failing to act, in which no further formal notice is required. The judicial costs will be determined on a flat rate basis 2 points of the so-called liquidity tariff which is determined by the judicial agencies and are applicable on the open amount.

G:  Soy* Hospitality retains the right to reject new projects or cancel requested projects in case of late payment.



Article 8. Complaints

    Complaints regarding executed projects/assignments by, or invoices sent by Soy* Hospitality should be made known to Soy* Hospitality in writing within 8 days after invoice date. Complaints issued after this period will not be taken into account.

    An issued complaint will not diminish the Principle’s payment obligations.



Article 9. Force Majeure

    In case Soy* Hospitality is not able to permanently or temporarily fulfill its obligations due to Force Majeure, Soy* Hospitality will not be liable for damage suffered by Principle.

    Under Force Majeure is also interpreted: Natural phenomenon in which a project or assignment cannot be (timely) executed, such as storm, flooding and other foul weather; traffic stagnations and or other obstructions on Traffic; restriction or termination of delivery by Utility companies of water, gas or electricity; accidents, strikes, expulsions, actions of trade unions, governmental actions which were not foreseen and other circumstances in which Soy* Hospitality has no control over.

    In case of Force Majeure, Soy* Hospitality is entitled to fully or partially cancel a project or assignment without judicial intervention in which no compensation is due.


Article 10. Limited liability

    Soy* Hospitality is liable for correct settlement of taxes and social securities for her employees, which are set out on projects or hired bases Payroll or secondment of staff. Soy* Hospitality guards Principle from claims set out by tax authorities and other governmental agencies to this account.

    Soy* Hospitality is not liable for damage caused by neither actions nor negligence of her employees. The Principle should take on a liability insurance to this extend if required. This also includes damages caused by an employee of Soy* Hospitality to third parties during execution of his/her responsibilities.

    The Principle is liable for damages incurred by employees of Soy* Hospitality equal to the liability of any principle in Curaçao for damage incurred by one of its own employees. Principle should take on liability insurance to this extend if required.

    In case Soy* Hospitality is found liable for damage as set out in the above clauses, the principle will guard Soy* Hospitality to this extend.

    In case Soy* Hospitality is held liable by a Judge despite of the above liability expulsion clauses; the liability of the damage will be limited to such an amount which is set according to measures which are to be reasonable and fair and in proportion to the agreed tariff or price and shall never be higher than the amount that is paid out by the corporate liability insurance of Soy* Hospitality.  


Article 11. Selection of ambulant (flexible) employees on project basis

    Soy* Hospitality takes on the highest conservative measures when selecting project employees. Soy* Hospitality is therefore free in her choice of employees. Project employees of Soy* Hospitality are employed by Soy* Hospitality.

    Soy* Hospitality ensures that all project employees are properly groomed and meet the grooming requirements which can be expected of employees in the hospitality industry.

    Principle is expected to make certain, before or directly after the start of the project, that employees meet the standard of the Principle.

    In case on or more employees do not behave properly or do not meet the standards of the Principle, this should be communicated within a minimum four hours after this has been noticed to the office, or the present project leader of Soy* Hospitality. In such a case, Principle is only due to Soy* Hospitality, payment of the worked hours up to the moment of notice for said employee(s).


Article 12. Attire, care and contact with ambulant (flexible) employees during projects

    Soy* Hospitality project employees wear uniformed attire consisting of:

Ladies: Black pants and white shirt and proper black shoes

Gentlemen: Black pants, white shirt and proper black shoes

 Soy* Hospitality makes this attire available to its employees.

    In case Principle desires alternative attire, principle is obliged to make this attire available to employees free of charge. In case project employees should wear other clothing then Soy* Hospitality standard clothing this in only allowed if the said clothing is not in conflict with common practice.

    Principle is to make available a room in which employees are able to change into their working attire and leave their belongings and clothing without the risk of damage or theft.

    Principle will provide the employees with nonalcoholic beverages, within reason, and if the project falls within timing in which meals are to be consumed, provide the employees with meals, within reason.


Article 13.  Direct or indirect employment

    In case Principle directly or indirectly hires one or more employees of Soy* Hospitality within 6 (six) months after completion of any project or assignment, Principle is due to Soy* Hospitality a fee for recruitment of 20% of the annual salary of said employee(s), exclusive VAT, for which a minimal flat rate of Nafl. 1750,-,- is applicable per employee, exclusive OB.


Article 14. Safety

    the Principle is obligated to guard the employees of Soy* Hospitality against danger of damage to persons, virtue and goods such as can reasonably be required. Principle is to make sure that the institution and maintenance to areas in which employees are expected to work, as well as attributes and tools which employees are expected to work with, meet the standards of industry and legal requirements.

    In case Principle does not meet these safety standards, he is held liable for all results thereof, and should Soy* Hospitality be addressed, guard Soy* Hospitality from all accountability.


Article 15. Transportation and travel time allowance for projects

    All transportation to and from the project is, unless otherwise agreed, organized by Soy* Hospitality.

    Transportation costs, in case of a project, will be for the account of the Principle, unless otherwise agreed in writing.         

    Travel time allowance of the contracting office of Soy* Hospitality will be charged per employee to the Principle, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    In case the Principle cannot provide free parking for the employees, parking fees will be charged to Principle.


Article 16. Disputes and applicable law

    Curacao law is applicable on all agreements with Epicure B.V.

In case of disputes between Soy* Hospitality and Principle, only a Curaçao Judge who has jurisdiction in Curaçao is authorized.